Advertise in Nawai Waqt Newspaper

Advertise in Nawai Waqt newspaper Pakistan by booking ad through Nawai Waqt Newspaper Ads are booked daily

Why Nawai Waqat ?

Nwaiwaqt is the the seacond biggest Urdu daily newspaper with cheap and afforadble rates for its classified section and display ads

Rates for advertising

Rates of advertising in Nawai Waqt Newspaper varies from different editions and different days.

For further information and booking your order Call or WhatsApp 0300-0252879

Famous Ad sizes and rates

(Call or WhatsApp 0300-0252879 for online booking)

Following are most Famous ads Sizes Available in Nawai Waqt newspaper. (Prices inculude all taxes and online charges )

Nawai Waqt Classified Ad : (3 Lines)
Price : Rs.1200
اخبار میں 3 لائنوں کے اشتہار کی قیمت 1200 روپے ہے
Jang Classified Ad

Nawai Waqt Classified Ad with Heading
Price : 1500
Jang Classified Ad with Heading

Nawai Waqt Small Display Ad ( 5cm - 5*1)
Price : Rs.7500
Jang Small Display Ad (3.7cm x 5cm)

Nawai Waqt Medium Display Ad (10cm - 5*2)
Price : Rs.12000
Jang Medium Display Ad (7.5cm x 5cm)

Nawai Waqt Classified Top Panel (8cm - 7*2)
Price : Rs.7000
(More Custom Sizes also Available including Full Page and Half page and Quarter Page Ads)

Sunday Ads can be booked till Friday 5 PM

(Call or WhatsApp 0300-0252879 for online booking)